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7 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Online Course

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Have you ever thought about selling your own online course and sharing your knowledge with thousands of people? That is exactly what Cintha has achieved with her language course to help people learn Spanish fast and effectively.

Do you want to make an impact with your services? Then her 7 tips will come in handy! 

Who is Cintha?

More than 25 years ago, Cintha met her Spanish husband in Mallorca. This meant she had to learn some Spanish words. Cintha went a step further and easily learned Spanish in 4 months, which proved useful when she emigrated to Spain with her family in 2015. 

“We arrived in a village and parents came to me asking if I wanted to teach their children English. I really enjoyed doing that, but I thought the teaching method was ridiculous. Learning so much grammar, while the children couldn’t say a sentence in English.” 

Cintha always had a dream to start her own business. Since she lived in “the-middle-of-nowhere” in Spain, it had to be an online company.

“Someone then told me: You’re so good with languages, couldn’t that grow into something bigger? And ten minutes later my company was born.”

Cintha made it her mission to teach people Spanish simply and quickly, just as she had done 25 years ago. She has sold thousands of online courses and now wants to give you 7 powerful tips to achieve the same.

Cintha's spanish online course

Tip #1: Don’t be a perfectionist 

An advice that Cintha repeated again and again during the interview was the following: don’t be a perfectionist!

“Your ideas, your course and your company will never be perfect. So why do you have to wait until everything is flawless? Perfection does not exist. You just have to do it and start with what you currently have. I strongly believe in: Start before you are ready!

Cintha said her online course wasn’t ready yet when she first sold it. In fact, she only finished the first 3 lessons, after which she put together the new lessons with the input of the participants.

“My goal was to launch a free challenge in which 1000 people participated. I shared it online everywhere and with everyone. After this challenge I made an offer to take part in my course. More than 100 people immediately subscribed.

So my advice to you: just throw it online and see what happens! Leave that perfectionism behind. All you need at the beginning is a Facebook group, in which you share a few free lessons with people who are interested, and then sell your online course to them.”

Tip #2: Outsourcing is important 

The second advice Cintha shared was that it’s crucial to outsource and automate certain tasks.

“I went from just starting out to working 80 hours a week. I loved it, it was a dream come true. But if I wanted to become big, I had to automate. As a starting entrepreneur you would like to do everything yourself, but you really need to outsource as soon as possible… I didn’t do that in the beginning either, but if I had to start all over again I would begin with that.

Cintha said that she had done everything herself until 2021, but now has extra help.

“I couldn’t do Facebook ads so I outsourced them as quickly as possible. Now I also use someone’s help to create social media content. As an entrepreneur, really think about what you can automate. Don’t ask yourself what it costs you, but what you gain from outsourcing something. That is a very important tip.”

Tip #3: Create your own website

The third piece of advice that Cintha gave was that having your own website is the key.

“Your own website is a must! This is your home base where you have everything. Tell your story here, make sure you show your course and post as many reviews from participants as possible. You can also offer a free download here that people can obtain in exchange for their email address. This way you build an email list to which you can then offer and sell your course.”

However, Cintha had no technical knowledge and didn’t want to spend too much time creating her webpage. That’s why she decided to use a website builder and hire a great support team. This way, users can always ask for help and updates are processed automatically.

It’s also one of the main reasons why people choose Webador to create their webpage!

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Tip #4: Don’t let the opinions of others consume you

The fourth tip that Cintha shared was that it is important to prioritise your own judgement over other people’s opinions.

“We are often afraid of the opinions of others. I understand that, but don’t try to listen to people who have no idea about what you do and what is possible. Only listen to the people who are “better” than you.”

Cintha indicated how important it is to put your head above the parapet these days.

“I am now on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Linkedin and Pinterest. I am also on Google Business. So try to tell the world as much as possible what you do.”

Of course it sounds overwhelming to be on all these platforms, but know that with the, for example, you can save a lot of time by scheduling your social media posts on multiple platforms.

Tip #5: Don’t let people hold you back

The fifth tip that Cintha shared was not to let others hold you back.

“Don’t be discouraged by the opinions of others. What you do is different from working for a boss. That can certainly be criticised. Many people will judge you, but keep in mind that everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Stay focused and keep moving toward your goals!

Persistence is also the key.

“It is extremely important to continuously build confidence in yourself. Be convinced that your course, service or product is the best, because this radiates through everything you do. 

Making courses with Webador

Tip #6: Start your day with selling

The sixth tip that Cintha shared was that you should start selling every day.

“By that I don’t mean selling your course. What I mean by this is that you should mention your website and your free giveaway at least once every day. This allows you to build an email list.”

Cintha indicated the importance of collecting email addresses, because you can send these people a newsletter every week. In this weekly newsletter you share value and occasionally promote your course. This way you build a real relationship with potential customers.

“So don’t adjust the fonts on your website or change the colors every day. Do what makes money and that is through a sales campaign or bringing in leads.”

Tip #7: Collect email addresses

The seventh tip that Cintha shared was that it’s essential to collect emails.

“Your main task is to collect email addresses. Do this by creating a free giveaway that people can download from your website. Think of a free guide, a checklist or something short where you give tips to others in exchange for their email. But certainly not an e-book with 300 pages. It should be short and concise. And yes, before you think your company can’t have a free giveaway, any company is capable of creating it.”

Every day Cintha promotes her free giveaway. With her business these are, for example, free Spanish lessons, masterclasses and a language test. After doing this every day for several years, she managed to build an email list of more than 43 000 people! That’s a great achievement. 

“Users will rarely buy your online course right away. People often buy my Spanish course only after a long period of time. Once I have their email address, I send them a weekly email with free tips, and then occasionally do a promotion for my introductory course.

This way you really build a relationship with people, they start to trust you and they ultimately buy the entire course. The last one is only the case if you really target the right audience. It’s therefore crucial to have a clear view of your target group and to communicate with them in the right way.


Feel inspired? So do we! In this blog post, Cintha shared her 7 most important tips for successfully launching an online course. Now it’s time to take action.

Take a look at Cintha’s website to see how she does certain things. Ditch the perfectionism and get started. Build your website, run an awesome free giveaway, create your first few lessons and start selling your own course. And only once you have sold your online course you can continue with creating the actual lessons. Also be in frequent contact with your target group. Ask them questions and make sure you know exactly what their problems are so you can provide the solution.

As you have read, having a webpage is a must. Do you also want to sell a course and don’t have a website yet? Register for free at Webador and launch your website today.

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  1. In regards to selling an online course? I’d love to do this but I can’t master the payment side linking PayPal with web button… Any advice? Also where do you host videos for on line course?
    Kind Regards Marco.

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