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5 stars
9.2 based on 1,313 reviews
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  • 4 stars a day ago
    Webador Review

    Having never had a website before I am very pleased with Webador and I am enjoying building my website, learning as I go. Help is at hand if I need it too which is very useful if like me you are a complete beginner. i would certainly recommend this company and I hope to upgrade in the future.

  • 4 stars 2 days ago
    Easy to navigate

    Easy to navigate. Affordable

  • 5 stars 2 days ago
    Perfect site for what I needed

    I had done a lot work looking for a web site builder that gave me everything I needed or almost everything. Webador did just that. Although I had to make sure I read or watched any and all videos to figure out to get things on a page. But 9nce I did I was good to go. Just wish I could do tabs off a page. Example: page is earrings make main page leave info,examples of work and maybe blog. Off that main for that topic have silver, gold, Easter etc. Would like for people to leave reviews of my work. Other than that it's it's great site.

  • 5 stars 2 days ago
    So easy to use and great results, highly recommended.

    So easy to use and great results, it manages to make your website look as if a pro had built it. Great templates and everything is drag and drop, could not be easier and I am no expert. Take the free website builder for a spin and I guarantee you will love it so much that you'll want to go ad-free, that's how confident I am.

    Kenny Dean
  • 4 stars 3 days ago
    It been nice.

  • 5 stars 3 days ago
    Highly recommend

    Really happy with my experience so far. Easy to figure out how to edit, and design my pages and super happy with the outcome. Instant professional look.

  • 5 stars 3 days ago
    Love this site super easy to use!

  • 5 stars 3 days ago

    Very Nice website and it was SO EASY To create my own website. Very Excellent :D

  • 5 stars 3 days ago
    very easy to use and build a website

  • 5 stars 3 days ago
    The easiest website builder I could find.

    I am not very technical! I am amazed I managed to publish a website, and cannot stress enough how easy it was to do with webador. I did try another product first, but was soon stuck, and fortunately had not parted with any money. Webador use simple explanations, and easy instructions. So glad I found webador! Lorna N.

  • 5 stars 4 days ago
    Very good website builder

    Very good website builder! Can be a little bit glitchy now and then and it struggles with different photos on different page. But apart from that it’s well worth it!

  • 5 stars 4 days ago
    This is an excellent site and very easy…

    This is an excellent site and very easy to use I would like to thank the designers for a job well done

    Michael Firemoon
  • 5 stars 4 days ago

    Very practical and helpful! It was great for creating a blogging website for my own personal writing. I’m still working around how to use it properly, but learning very fast! I very much recommend.

  • 4 stars 6 days ago
    I am happy with Webador

  • 5 stars 6 days ago
    Webador is a Great Web Host

    Webador is a Great Web Host! They make it simply to create any webpage you can Dream of. You don't have to pay for their services.

  • 4 stars 7 days ago
    Webador makes for a grate website building platform with a easy to use interface!!

    Webador makes for a grate website building platform with a easy to use interface with a wide range of features for free users. And when your finished creating your website there’s only around 5 easy steps to publish your website.

  • 5 stars 7 days ago
    For someone with very little IT…

    For someone with very little IT experience or skills I found putting the Web site together very enjoyable and straight forward

  • 5 stars 7 days ago
    I have used 4 site Builders. Webador Wins & Good SEO. Very Happy

    Despite Covid Problems & my mother passing away, I have tried WordPress. Wix. Squarespace & Site123. I needed a site with a good interface, easy to get at functions, nice text options, adaptable for embedded code injection and needed to have the facility for dual languages which Webador has and much more. The image library has its own built-in editing tool "Would be nice to see file size after resizing" but that is no big problem. The email response time is good and Sonya is a very polite and helpful Girl/lady. I have to start using the multilingual site soon but I am sure that will be no problem with Sonya keeping her eye on things lol. The site has been 3 days connected to Google analytics and Adsense and is already getting seen even though I haven't even set the SEO on each page as yet!. Would recommend Webador out of all the site builders out there.

  • 5 stars 7 days ago
    Very easy to use and great customer…

    Very easy to use and great customer support

  • 5 stars 8 days ago
    It's really nice

    It's really nice! I made a website so quick!

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