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Stepping into the brand-new CHOCOLATECOOKIEBALLS shop, there’s a moment of slight panic. Everything looks delicious, and there are so many options. For the chocoholics among us, there’s even the XXL Cookieball.


Barrs Shoemaker

Renske is surrounded by numerous heavy machines, with shoes in all shapes and sizes scattered across the floor, on racks, or on the counter. She apologizes for the mess, but for a shoemaker it's normal.

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Studio Handmade Heaven

The atmospheric Studio Handmade Heaven, located on a beautiful side street in the Dappermarkt in Amsterdam-East, is a hobbyist's heaven. Inside are cupboards full of fabrics and knitting threads in a rainbow of colors, with a variety of pots and tools scattered here and there. A small library of books on crochet, knitting, coloring, as well as various macramé works of art, hang on the wall.

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Walking into the Pulcher orchids greenhouse, you're met with a sea of colorful flowers. The majority are white, peppered with purple, yellow, and dark pink. Every few seconds, a fine mist sprays the blooms from the ceiling.

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